When was the institute established?

Although the planning, preparation and discussion were going on from 2015, we officially registered नामी as a non-profit private institute at Government of Nepal on 11 March 2018.

What are your financial sources?

Our primary funding resources have been industries in Nepal. We are looking for research grants in and outside Nepal. However, we strongly believe in developing a sustainable model for the institute wherein the research scientists and administrative staffs could be provided with a salary from the institute’s own resources. For this we are considering the following options : (we would welcome further discussion on these if you have some other ideas)

  • Innovation and Innovation Division focuses on translating research to the industries and also takes advantage of the expertise in नामी to translate and incubate spin-offs. नामी will have some equity/shares on these spin-offed companies that could in the long run be sufficient to fund permanent scientific and administrative staffs.
  • 20-30% contribution to teaching in the academia.
  • As we start contributing to the transformation of higher education and research scenario of Nepal in the field of computing and informatics, we are hoping that this opens up avenues of strong collaboration with the Government resulting in some form of long-term funding.
  • Take personal donations from generous people if they believe on us and on the impact we intend to make in the society.

Do you have ideas ? Let us discuss them if you have some.

How can I contribute or get involved

  1. Financial contributions: Details here
  2. Provide computing resources, physical infrastructure, air tickets and accommodation to our students for conference travel
  3. Join NAAMII’s Virtual Learning Lab as remote supervisor: Details here
  4. If you really believe on our initiative, join our team in any of our three divisions