Incubating and Supporting Start-ups


Naamii is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with Diyo.AI, an innovative start-up dedicated to advancing conversational AI technology in Nepali and local languages. With a shared commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing entrepreneurial talent, Naamii serves as the incubator and primary supporter for Diyo.AI on its transformative journey.

As a leading incubation program, Naamii provides Diyo.AI with an exceptional environment within our state-of-the-art office premises. This dedicated space offers a dynamic ecosystem where creativity and innovation thrive, allowing Diyo.AI to flourish alongside like-minded individuals and teams. The collaborative workspace fosters cross-pollination of ideas, promotes knowledge sharing, and inspires synergistic partnerships.

Our partnership with Diyo.AI spans from 2021 to the present day, signifying our enduring commitment to their growth and success. At Naamii, we understand that start-ups require more than just physical space to thrive. Therefore, we provide Diyo.AI with invaluable scientific support and mentorship from our team of industry experts. Leveraging our extensive experience and industry insights, we guide and advise Diyo.AI in developing and refining their revolutionary conversational AI solutions.

Throughout our collaboration, Naamii has played a pivotal role in nurturing Diyo.AI’s journey. By facilitating access to a vast network of industry connections, experts, and resources, we empower Diyo.AI to overcome challenges and optimize their processes. Our support enables Diyo.AI to focus on pioneering cutting-edge technology while leveraging our strategic guidance to propel their growth and impact.

Together, Naamii and Diyo.AI are spearheading a groundbreaking transformation within the AI landscape in Nepal and beyond. Our partnership not only revolutionizes the way people interact with technology but also promotes inclusivity by breaking language barriers. By nurturing start-ups like Diyo.AI, we harness the immense potential of local talent and establish Nepal’s innovation ecosystem as a global force to be reckoned with.

Experience the power of collaboration, innovation, and transformative technology with Naamii and Diyo.AI.