Industry Partners

Fusemachines is providing a seed grant for the period of two years to NAAMII, starting mid-February 2019. In return to the part of the grant, NAAMII’s scientist Bishesh Khanal is working part-time with Fusemachines, conducting research, training and mentoring engineers. Thank you Fusemachines for providing us with the grant at a very early stage of NAAMII that has been very valuable and will help us grow as a research institute.

Major sponsor of 2018 Nepal Winter school in AI, the first major event of NAAMII

Leapfrog is providing a grant for a year, starting June 2019. In return, NAAMII scientists will mentor the Leapfrog AI team in strengthening their capacity and expertise in AI. Thank you Leapfrog for providing us with a grant that will be valuable to help us grow as a research institute.

Academic/Scientific Partners

Hospital for Advanced Medical Surgery (HAMS), Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences (KIAS), Kathmandu, Nepal

Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education, Kathmandu Nepal

King’s College London, UK

Institute of Engineering, Western Regional Campus (WRC), Pokhara, Nepal

St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu, Nepal

Imperial College London, UK