Dr. Bhaskar Raj Pant

Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Rural healthcare


Bhaskar Raj Pant, MD is practicing Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon with primary specialty interest in Joint Replacement, Reconstruction and Trauma. He is Chief Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon & Head of the Department, Department of Orthopedics at HAMS Hospital, Kathmandu.

Previously he was Assistant Director, Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine at the Grande International Hospital. He is a board member at Possible Health and oversees Rural Trauma Care at Possible Hospitals in Bayalpata, Achham & Charikot, Dolakha.

He lives with his family in Kathmandu. He plays Badminton and Bicycling.



  1. Fellowship in Joint Replacement & Sports from Cincinnati, USA
  2. Advanced Course in Joint Replacement from Fribourg, Switzerland
  3. Knee Fellowship from Tohoku University, Japan
  4. Advanced AO Trauma from Thailand
  5. Global Health Delivery course from Harvard University, USA

Memberships and Professional Services

  1. SICOT (International Society of Orthopedic Surgery & Traumatology), International Affiliate Member
  2. OTA (Orthopedic Trauma Association), International Affiliate Member
  3. AO Trauma and SIGN (Surgical Implant Generation Network) Affiliate Member
  4. Co-founder of National Musculo-Skeletal Charity & Research Foundation, Nepal
  5. National Commissioner for The LANCET Nepal NCD-I Poverty Commission.