Contact Information

Dr. Prashnna K Gyawali

Adj. Research Scientist


Dr. Prashnna K Gyawali serves as an Assistant Professor in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University. Prior to this, he distinguished himself as a postdoctoral scholar at the School of Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Gyawali earned his Ph.D. in Computing and Information Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and completed his Bachelor’s in Engineering at IOE Pulchowk Campus in Nepal. His research operates at the critical junction of machine learning and healthcare. He is dedicated to developing robust and fair AI models that address real-world health and medical challenges, with a particular emphasis on enhancing the generalizability of these models across diverse patient populations. During his Ph.D., he gained practical experience through internships at Google Health and Verisk Analytics. Dr. Gyawali’s scholarly contributions are notable, including authoring over 20 peer-reviewed research articles. His work has been featured at premier conferences such as ICLR, ICDM, MICCAI, and IPMI, and published in prestigious journals like Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, and Nature Communication Biology. His research endeavors have been supported by funding from prestigious sources including WVHPEC, DARPA, and NSF CITeR.¬†