Suprim Nakarmi

Research Assistant


Suprim Nakarmi is a computer science graduate student at the University of South Dakota (USD). He works in the Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (2AI) as a graduate research assistant. At Nepal Applied Mathematics and Informatics Institute for Research (NAAMII), he worked as a research intern for 6 months (June 2020 – November 2020) and as a research assistant for 10 months (December 2020 – September 2021). During his tenure at NAAMII, he published one conference paper at the 2nd International Conference on Learning Representation (ICLR) workshop on practical Machine Learning (ML) for developing countries and a journal paper at the Journal of Machine Learning for Biomedical Imaging (MELBA) (In process). His research interests are Active Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, and its application in tackling challenges that impact large and diverse populations. He resides in Vermillion, South Dakota, United States of America.