We are building a pioneering innovation-based industry ecosystem through three major initiatives. 

  1. Foster an environment conducive to innovation by offering world-class scientific expertise in AI and workspace facilities tailored for start-ups. By incubating these emerging ventures, the company seeks to nurture their growth and success. 
  2. Enhance the capabilities of AI outsourcing companies in Nepal. This involves comprehensive training programs designed to upskill engineers across all levels, from junior to senior, empowering them with the necessary expertise to excel in the AI domain. 
  3. Conduct advanced AI research and development activities in collaboration with industries. This initiative aims to push the boundaries of technological innovation by delving into high-end AI research, providing cutting-edge solutions, and fostering collaborations with industries to address real-world challenges. 

Through these strategic endeavors, we aim to establish a robust innovation ecosystem, empowering startups, enhancing the skill set of engineers, and spearheading pioneering research and development initiatives in AI. This comprehensive approach aims to contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of Nepal’s tech industry while positioning NAAMII as a leader in frontier-tech innovation.