Policy Statements

Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery

NAAMII is strictly against corruption and bribery; the board keeps an oversight in issues relating to any form of corruption or bribery. Any report of involvement of anyone from NAAMII (involving board members, researchers, and other staffs) in corruption or bribery will result in disciplinary actions ranging from suspension to termination after due investigation from an independent committee. The committee will also report to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

Fraud or tax evasion

Similar to corruption or bribery, any detected cases of fraud will result in disciplinary action once the NAAMII board conducts an investigation. For issues relating to tax evasion by individual members, we will report this to relevant authorities for investigation. All organisational tax and finance related matters are audited annually, as required by the law in Nepal, by an external registered Chartered Accountant. The annual report is submitted to the relevant Government authority at Office of Company Registrar. A strict code of conduct is followed by the organisation itself and members are forbidden to engage in any fraud or tax evasion.

Human rights, modern slavery

The organisation strives to promote human rights in all ways possible within the institution. We are committed in creating a safe and just work environment where each individual – irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, caste, sexual orientation – is respected and enjoys freedom and liberty. We consider slavery to be a criminal act.

Equality and diversity

NAAMII strongly pledges for equality of opportunity for everyone. No one shall be discriminated or treated unfairly based on age, gender, caste, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Any prospective employee or member of the organisation will be judged based on their knowledge, skills, and abilities; NAAMII is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to diversity and inclusion in our workforce. Women, Indigenous people, marginalised people and people of multicultural backgrounds will be encouraged to apply in all our vacancies.

Plagiarism, research ethics and integrity

We do not accept any compromise on research quality and integrity, and thus strictly reject all forms of research wrong doings including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism. Highest level of attention will be provided to avoiding any unnecessary harm to human, animals or environment while conducting research. Confidentiality and privacy of the research participants will be respected. Any report of research misconduct will be investigated with utmost importance and if found guilty, strong actions will be taken leading up to the termination of contract.