Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“World-class center of excellence that continuously betters the lives of people at local and global levels"

Our Mission

“Play a pivotal role in building a strong foundation of research and higher education in the field of informatics, applied mathematics and AI; conduct high-quality research; building innovation ecosystem and contribute towards democratizing AI in the world."

The world is in an exciting time where the application of informatics and mathematics is changing the way we live and interact. Things considered as science fiction until recently are fast approaching to be the present day reality. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) is partly responsible for such a change which has impacted diverse walks of life – from agriculture to healthcare to governance to fundamental research and so on. Unlike in the past, the current technological advancement, often dubbed as the 4th industrial revolution, not only has the potential to benefit low and middle income countries (LMICs) in a way never imagined before but also is likely to benefit from researchers in LMICs. 

For these revolutionary technologies to be decentralized, there should be thriving ecosystems of research, innovation and higher education in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Researchers from those countries with the first-hand experience of the global challenges must produce experts and innovators that can contribute in the global platform putting forward their perspectives, approaches and agendas, and solving local and global challenges.

NAAMII is a private not-for-profit research organization created by Nepali researchers with the mission of building a strong foundation of scientific research in Nepal in the field of informatics, applied maths and AI, and contribute towards democratizing and decentralizing AI in the world.

Doing science and technology research in low-income countries such as Nepal is challenging- there is a lack of adequate funding, lack of experts in diverse fields, and lack of policy and infrastructure. We are therefore taking a very comprehensive approach to solving this complex web of systemic problems.

The focus is on doing quality scientific research and training young researchers where we will create and attract a collaborative network of researchers and experts from around the world. In order to have a sustainable high quality research environment, we will support local industries to support innovation and generate revenue; we will work with government and educational institutions for enhancing our higher education system, bringing research-friendly policy and funding; and we will run outreach programs to involve the whole society to prioritize research and innovation.


  • Fundamental and applied research in computing sciences and mathematics to contribute significantly in the fields of health and medicine; agriculture; climate science; social science and governance; cyber-security.
  • Translate research to products for the greater good of the society via strong collaboration with existing industry and via start-up spin-offs.
  • Collaborate with existing educational institutions to produce world-class researchers in the field of computing sciences and applied mathematics.
  • Provide opportunities for students to get involved in quality problem-focused research projects with close supervision from experts in the field.
  • Collaborate strongly with national and international research and education institutions to solve challenging global problems that require multidisciplinary research.