Kathmandu, Nepal

Bidur Khanal

Research Assistant


Bidur Khanal is currently a fourth-year PhD student at the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, working under the supervision of Prof. Cristian A. Linte at the Biomedical Modeling, Visualization, and Image-guided Navigation Lab (BiMVisIGN). Before embarking on his Ph.D. journey, Bidur gained professional experience at NAAMII, a research institute in Nepal,, a 3D AI solution startup, and NDS, an embedded systems and IoT startup. He completed his undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal.

Bidur’s research focuses on data-driven medical image analysis using deep learning, with a particular emphasis on addressing challenges in scenarios with limited or noisy labeled data. His primary objective is to develop robust deep learning models and frameworks for tasks such as medical image classification and segmentation, even when faced with restricted or noisy labels. His research spans various areas, including active learning, learning with noisy labels, active relabeling, self-supervised learning, and continual learning.

Throughout his Ph.D. program, Bidur has built a strong foundation in Imaging Science, gaining expertise in diverse areas such as image acquisition, camera design, calibration, image processing, imaging display, human vision, and color science.

Bidur’s specific interests include Medical Image Analysis, Learning with Noisy Labels, Active Learning, Continual Learning, Active Relabeling, Self-supervised learning, Multimodal Learning, and Vision-Language Pretraining.

  1. Dec, 2017

    BE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) - Graduated

    IOE, Pulchowk