NAAMII Workshop Series: Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization

NAAMII Workshop Series: Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization

20 Mar 2020

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is the first step in data analysis process. EDA involves visual and quantitative methods to take a bird’s eye view of the data, to investigate it, understand it and make a plan on how to use it best. EDA is a significant step to take before diving into Machine Learning or Statistical Modeling. For Machine Learning practitioners, EDA helps gain insights into what algorithm and feature variables to choose. For statisticians, EDA gives a complementary tool to inferential statistical methods suggesting hypothesis and selecting statistical tools and techniques.

The three-day NAAMII workshop ‘Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization’ will give theoretical lessons and hands-on training on Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization. We are having project-based learning approach where participants will work on one mini-project and one major-project building a deeper understanding of the concepts and processes.

The workshop is open to both students and professionals who are at beginners or intermediate level in Data Science. The participants will receive certificates and educational material packages for their continued learning.

Date: March 21,22,28 2020
Venue: Prime College, Naya Bazar Khusibu

Registration Fees: Rs. 4,000 for students; Rs. 7000 for professionals.
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Along with Certificates, we will also provide learning material packages with reference materials and exercise sets so that the participants can continue their learning after the workshop as well.