NRA Public Lecture Series 2020: Dr. Digbijay Mahat

NRA Public Lecture Series 2020: Dr. Digbijay Mahat

Prime College
14 Feb 2020

Nepal Research Alliance (NRA), in collaboration with NAAMII and RIBB, invites you to the first episode of NRA Public Lecture Series 2020: ‘Contributing Towards Global Fight Against Cancer From Nepal’

Speaker: Dr. DigBijay Mahat

MIT-GSK Gertrude B. Elion Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research – MIT

Speaker Bio:

Dr. DigBijay is a cancer research scientist in the lab of Nobel Laureate Dr. Phillip A. Sharp at MIT. He invented and patented a novel methodology for single-cell nascent RNA sequencing, which is utilized to understand the resistance of cancers to immunotherapy.

He received Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2016. As a graduate student, he co-developed a genomic assay to measure precise and instantaneous gene expression profiles from cells and applied it to understand how cancers hijack stress response mechanism for drug-resistance and proliferation. Born and raised in Tanahun, he aims to return to Nepal upon completion of postdoctoral training and utilize his scientific expertise and entrepreneurial experience to
establish a vibrant, dynamic, and collaborative scientific research environment in Nepal.

Lecture Summary:

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and accounts for more than 100 million years of life and $ 10 trillion in economic burden. Despite concerted efforts worldwide and global investment in scientific research, finding cure for cancer has been a stubborn challenge. However, cure for cancer remains a generational opportunity with unmatched health and economic benefits. Still, the question lingers – Is it feasible, and economically viable, for the research community of a low-income country like Nepal, without government funding, to contribute towards cancer research? Can we forge partnerships with international cancer research communities to provide meaningful support in the fight against cancer?

We will discuss three unique ways for the scientific research community of Nepal to aid in the global fight against cancer.

Program Details:

Date: Friday, February 14, 2020
Time: 3:00- 5:00 pm
Venue: Prime College, Naya Bazar, Khusibu

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Free and Open to the public !