NAAMII facilitated teams of young innovators at Yantra’s 9.0 AI Softbot Hackathon

NAAMII facilitated teams of young innovators at Yantra’s 9.0 AI Softbot Hackathon

Feb 15 and 16, 2024

To create an AI industry and ecosystem, developing problem-solving ideas into feasible, viable, and sustainable solutions is a must. As a co-organizer for Yantra 9.0 AI softbot hackathon, organized by the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN), three members from NAAMII guided the teams in developing an AI-integrated MVP in various domains like “AI in academics,” “Mentoring their solutions and viability,” and “The Art of Pitching and Presenting.” There were nearly 40 participants constituting 11 teams from multiple districts of Nepal.​


Our Research Associate, Mahesh Shakya, shared his expertise and insights on the “Research Domain in AI” alongside sharing some of his research projects. Mr. Shakya has published and presented his work at reputed conferences like NeurIPS, which is one of the top 10 highest impact factored venues.​

Rabin Adhikari, Research Assistant at NAAMII, mentored and guided the viability and implementation ideas of the teams. Aside from being an AI researcher, Mr. Adhikari also has good experience and insights into product R&D.​

Jatin Bhusal, Media and Communications Manager and Research Assistant at NAAMII, delivered a 3-hour training session on “The Art of Pitch and Presentation,” guiding the participants on how to effectively express their vision with pitch deck and presentation skills. Jatin is also an SQA Certified Soft Skills Trainer.​

The participants will now prepare and sharpen their ideas and MVP for 15 days and will deliver their pitch among distinguished panelists and guests on March 3, 2024.​

From producing world-class research to sharing and enhancing AI skills and knowledge among aspiring scholars, and supporting new ventures and startups, collaborating in R&D and capacity building of existing ventures, NAAMII is moving towards its mission of democratizing AI.​