Augmented Reality System for Overlaying Objects in Room

Augmented Reality System for Overlaying Objects in Room

An Augmented Reality system for overlaying objects on a room floor (My room)

Shailesh Mishra, Ajad Chhatkuli

Shailesh Mishra: Explorug, NAAMII


“My room” is an exclusive feature in Explorug, a product of Alternative Technology, that can overlay 3D objects onto a single RGB image. The feature uses machine learning algorithms and projective geometry to achieve the augmentation. A deep learning algorithm performs the image segmentation. This is followed by line detection and vanishing point detection to find the most suitable plane in the scene to overlay the desired object. The complete algorithm includes further refinement in user experience over the core machine learning procedures to allow smooth movement of object inside the image.

Figure I: Before Augmentation

Figure II: After Augmentation

Project Category: Computer Vision
Tagged: Virtual Lab