Research Intern July 2022 [CLOSED]

Research Intern July 2022 [CLOSED]

Application method

Please submit a thorough CV and cover letter as a single pdf file using this Google form.


22 July 2022 (Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis before the deadline


Although the recent advances in Natural Language & Speech Processing have enabled several useful applications for people, most of these applications are still not possible in the languages of Nepal and South Asia. South Asia is rich in languages. For example, even Nepal with a relatively moderate population size has more than 100 spoken languages (not just dialects!). Billions of people are unable to take the benefits of the current state of AI due to the lack of resources & enough research and development in these languages. Thus, more research and development are required in the local languages of South Asia. 

There is an almost none to very limited opportunity for young Nepali engineers to get exposed to a high-quality research environment. Hence, we intend to train the next generation of researchers by offering training, mentorship & exposure to frontier research in this domain. With this objective, we are glad to announce a vacancy for internship positions where the interns will get the opportunity to work with the research team of NAAMII, working on research projects in NLP and Speech. 

The projects will mainly revolve around building organized datasets in the Nepali language suitable for various tasks, training, and evaluating large language models for various downstream tasks such as NER, POS, grammar checker, and conversational agent. The projects are expected to yield high-quality research publications with authorship in the order of contribution to the related project. 


You will work with the following members of the research group led by Dr. Bishesh Khanal: Kanchan Poudel, Manish Dhakal, Prasiddha Bhandari, Rabin Adhikari, and Safal Thapaliya. 

Essential Requirements  

  • Eager to learn, industrious attitude, inquisitive mind, and genuine.
  • Proficiency with Python and its environment for machine learning and scientific computing.
  • Knowledge of one or more popular deep learning frameworks, particularly PyTorch.
  • Experience training transformer networks with a rudimentary grasp of why transformers are preferred instead of recurrent neural networks.
  • Excellent results in subjects such as linear algebra, computer vision, machine learning, image processing, and statistics.
  • Strong communication skills for methodology and results of experiments.

Desirable Skills 

  • Understand the significance of regularizations and important challenges like generalization and explainability. 
  • Solid scientific writing abilities in English, as well as the ability to visualize experimental data with graphs and figures. 
  • Knowledge of git version control 


  • Implement or modify current pipelines and basic software platforms to acquire appropriate data. 
  • Implement current cutting-edge NLP and speech algorithms. 
  • Identify and highlight critical issues with existing models. 
  • Disseminate research findings to wider populations through publishing in international conferences and journals. 

Time Commitment 

16 hours per week 

Minimum Required Qualifications  

Studying Bachelor’s in Computing Sciences & Engineering related fields (Exceptions are possible if you have exposure to Machine Learning) 

Internship Duration  

6 months 


  • Opportunity to work in a research environment 
  • Get trained on how to read and write papers 
  • Opportunity to get close mentorship of NAAMII researchers 

Unfortunately, there are no financial benefits at this moment. 


Rabin Adhikari (Email: [email protected]

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